Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Candy Cane Mason Jars

So someone that bought some Fall painted Mason Jars from me sent me a message and asked if I could do some Christmas Jars for her. First off what a compliment that she asked me to paint some more jars for her!  Here is what I came up with and I LOVE THEM! Done in Annie Sloan Old White and Emperors Silk. I free handed them so I'm pretty impressed with how much steadier my hand is becoming (and my nerves). 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Burgundy is HERE!!!

I finally got to play with the new Annie Sloan Color, Burgundy! It is such a rich color and I can't wait to use it both by it's self and mixing it with others! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

My Handy Feller

Recently Mr David has been showing me more and more just how handy he is!!! Making things like wine racks, chicken wire frames, pallet shelves, and tables! 
I'm impressed to say the least!!! 
Here are a few of the projects he's been working on lately! If you see something you like send me a message he will be happy to make one for you! All pieces can be stained, painted or left raw! 

Handy and handsome! I'm such a lucky lady! Again if anyone sees a piece they would like just let me know! Even If you have an idea of a project I just about guarantee he can pull it off! 

Little Girl's Dresser

Wanted to share a quick collection of pictures of a little girls dresser I painted a little while back!! Loved this piece for so many reasons but mainly because I love the two little girls it was for!!! Personally I love that this boring, banged up, dresser turned into a little girls dream!! (Or at least the little girl in me!!)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Welcome to Stone Cottage Chic

Welcome to Stone Cottage Chic!
My name is Amber

About four months ago I bought a house with the love of my life, David.
I realize how corny that sounds but there really is no other way to describe him 

I have never be a very crafty person but something about taking an old piece of furniture and making it beautiful again speaks to me. 
Furniture makeovers are what I am planning to be the main focus of this blog but I tend to be a spontaneous and random person so who knows what I might write about
I am sure there will be some life experiences thrown in, maybe products I fall in love with, and my love for those with special needs will shine through as well

I'm going to go ahead and introduce you to a more recent love of mine

 The moment I saw this picture on craigslist I knew she had to be mine! 
I have been searching for a buffet since before we moved into the house.
We had actually found one that I loved (not as much as this one) but because of some unprofessional business practices I had to walk away from it. 
Like they say, everything happens for a reason because this beauty is everything I wanted!
I am almost ashamed to admit that I got her for $15o. 
Personally I think that was a STEAL!
Once we got her home I did realize she had some wear and tear but I think that made me fall even more in love with this piece!

I knew my first step was to figure out my end game. What did I want to do with this piece?
I knew I wanted to paint it and I had several people who wanted to strangle me for even thinking of painting her but I knew that I really loved that look
I also love the look of natural stained wood too.
So I searched on the place that almost every woman spends way too much of her time, Pinterest! 
After pinning a million and one images that I kinda sorta liked, like this one
  I found EXACTLY what I wanted to do with my beautiful buffet

I love the mix of color and natural wood and the distressing! 
My next mission was to find what paint to use. 
After hours of research I stumbled upon Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
I am convinced that this paint is magic in a can!!
It required no priming, no sanding, and sticks to ANYTHING!
Also coming from someone with a sensitive sniffer, it doesn't have a paint smell! 
I couldn't smell a thing unless I put my nose right up to the paint!

(insert angels singing here)

I quickly found out, after the man at Lowe's looked at me like I was bonkers, that Annie Sloan's paints are only sold at small independent shops. 
Personally I think that is very impressive! I love small businesses and love helping to support them in this very corporate world we live in.
The closest shop to me is called Liz Douglas Designs in Lexington, Kentucky
Their website is below

Now I have been told many many times that I have never met a stranger and I can talk to anyone but Liz and Douglas are two people that I really enjoy spending time with.
They are extremely knowledgeable and very patient with a newbie like me. 
They also love sharing this knowledge! I have called and Facebook messaged Liz and she always helps me out of whatever mess Ive got myself into!
Hats off to Liz Douglas Designs! They are invaluable to me! 

The first thing that they helped me out with was picking out the color I wanted to use.
I quickly chose Provence 

Beautiful, blue, and a really close match to my inspiration picture.
While at Liz Douglas I also purchased a brush, and can of soft clear wax, both by Annie Sloan.

At Lowe's I purchased Green Frog Painters Tape, mineral spirits, liquid stripper, sand paper (paper and blocks), wood putty, clamps, and paint brushes 

Now that I had all of the materials we were ready to get started!

  First off I want to say that I am very lucky that David is about as handy as handy can be.
To all you single ladies out there I highly suggest finding a man who can use power tools, fix a clogged sink, do laundry all in the same day. 
Not only is it very helpful but, in my opinion its just down right sexy ;)
Now I will admit that I was very nervous about messing up the buffet. One day I will feel comfortable doing every step of a project but for now I have my feller to help with such things! 
So while I started, attempting, to strip the drawers David started sanding the top and using the wood putty to fix the nicks and bumps!

Sadly this was 5 days ago and since then Kentucky has had lots and lots of snow and cold putting a damper on outside projects including the buffet. 
When ever the the snow thaws and the temperatures get above freezing we will be finishing up the buffet and I will be posting another post with the final product!
Everyone stay safe in the snow and have a wonderful weekend!